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For A More Engaging Event Experience, Create Custom and Immersive Virtual Spaces!
Today’s online events may be tedious since they don’t enable individuals to interact, have fun, or remain connected with one another as they would in person!

But what if we told you that you could experience all of this at live events through bespoke and immersive virtual spaces? Continue reading to learn more!

Mesh is a product by PitchGround that helps you replicate the joy of live events by allowing you to walk in and out of discussions via spatial video chat, much as you would in real life. You may either pick a pre-made environment with games and music incorporated in it, or create your own place for a really unique experience.

Mesh enables digital and live events more customized, engaging, entertaining, and sociable by placing interactive objects and games across your area that include movies, pictures, links, or games. Create a virtual environment for your remote workforce or virtual events where users can communicate, network, connect over games, watch movies or browse websites together, and have fun.

World-class companies like Deloitte, Accenture, and others utilize Mesh to keep workers engaged, create a strong remote culture, and organize incredible virtual events.

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Spatial Video Chat – Move about your virtual environment as if it were a video game, and only video chat with people when you are near to them, exactly as in real life.

Mesh’s interactive virtual environments may be customized, or you can collaborate with their staff to create a completely unique event experience. Every element of your virtual environment may be customized, from the way it appears to the embedded experiences such as movies or links scattered around the area.

Unique characters – Create your own avatar or collaborate with their staff to create custom costumes.

Embedded Games & Music – While video chatting with one another, guests may connect over embedded games like Trivia, Poker, and more. Choose music to play around your environment so that all visitors may hear the same music as if they were in the same physical location.

Password-protect your rooms or add people to a whitelist.

No personally identifiable information (PII) is kept; all data is securely stored.

Broadcast – Make a video, a link, or a screen available to everyone in your area.

No sign-ups or downloads are needed for one-click entry.

Interactive Things and Games – Add movies, pictures, links, or games to objects in your area.

What are the Advantages of Using Mesh?

Create a sense of community and culture in your remote teams.

For memorable events, create an engaging online environment.

Choose from a pre-made environment with games and music, or create your own for a really unique experience.

What Is the Process?

You may customize the theme (“map”) of your private area from your dashboard. Alternatively, go to the ‘My Events’ page to create a new URL for a particular event. Depending on your plan, your spaces will be able to accommodate the number of concurrent visitors that your account allows. Give your visitors the URL of your area (e.g. through a calendar invitation or email).

Once you’ve entered the area, you may modify it with embedded links, movies, or live broadcasts if you like. The space may only be customized by administrators.

With only one click, guests may join the link you’ve shared with them. There’s no need to download anything or register.

Mesh Lifetime Deal Pricing

Mesh lifetime deal pricing
Mesh Lifetime Deal
Mesh Lifetime Deal
$49 $480
$49 $480 View offer

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