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You may write the greatest email in the world, but if your mailing list are full of incorrect addresses, no one would ever see it.

Hand-verifying your email lists may be a time-consuming and inefficient process.

With Mailifier, you can clean up your email lists.

Mailifier is an easy-to-use email verification tool and API that helps you clean up your lists and enhance campaign deliverability and performance.

In seconds, check and clean up your mailing list in bulk.

Mailifier makes it simple to check whole lists as well as individual emails.

Simply upload your mailing list and then let Mailifier take care of the rest.

After you’ve cleaned up your list, you may submit it to your CRM.

To prevent fraudulent emails from reaching your database again, utilize the Bulk Email Validation Tool and the API for your web forms.

Clean up your current lists (or check a single address) using the Bulk Email Verifier, and get your findings straight from Mailifier’s dashboard.

Don’t allow poor or invalid emails prevent you from communicating with your customers.

It’s time to bid farewell to spam traps and unsolicited emails.

Get instant access to Mailifier for the rest of your life!

In real-time in forms, use the sophisticated JS widget to prevent unwanted emails out of your database.

You’d want to prevent malicious emails from ever entering your email lists in the first place after verifying your current email list.

Fortunately, Mailifier can help you with this!

By utilizing the JavaScript widget or API to check email addresses in real-time, you can avoid collecting misspelled, fraudulent, or invalid emails.

Preventing malicious email from entering your database is a proactive way to keep your list clean.

Individual email verification is as straightforward as it gets.

Do you like to check your email inbox directly every now and then? This is simple to accomplish using the Single Mail Verification feature of the Mailifier dashboard.

Mailifier Lifetime Deal Pricing

Mailifier Lifetime Deal Pricing
Mailifier Lifetime Deal
Mailifier Lifetime Deal
$49 $1100
$49 $1100 View offer

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