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You develop goods as a product builder. Customer input is crucial in determining what to develop and which features to prioritize. Consider devoting all of your time and money to creating exactly what your consumers desire.

FeedBear can assist you in getting there. Your consumers are the greatest source of information you’ll ever have. You may simply exchange comments, suggestions, and problem reports, and all of the information is collected in one location. They may also vote and comment on what’s most essential to them, so you’ll know what to focus on.

Then you’ll utilize the Roadmap function to show everyone what you’re working on and how things are going. In the Changelog, you may announce the most recent changes and new features.

It’s the most effective method to create the appropriate product with the correct features while also making your consumers feel appreciated and heard.

Pay attention to your consumers. With FeedBear, you can create the perfect product right now!

Overview of FeedBear’s Lifetime Deal

  • Knowing what consumers really need and desire can assist you in developing the appropriate product features.
  • In 60 seconds, you may begin gathering feedback.
  • Collect client feedback in a simple and efficient manner.
  • Alternatives include Canny, UserVoice, and Aha!
  • Customers should be involved in the product development process, a community should be formed, and a roadmap should be shared.
  • Customer service is a priority for product managers, startups, and businesses.
  • All of the product’s features
  • You may create as many idea boards as you like.
  • There is no limit to how many announcements you may have in your changelog.
  • There are no restrictions on who may use it.
  • Admins may be as many as you like.
  • Projects for individuals.
  • Custom domains and branding
  • Automatically sends you status updates via email.
  • Zapier, Intercom, and Slack integrations are available.
  • A code is valid for just one project and custom domain (you can buy more than one code if you want more).
  • Two code stacks for two projects
  • Three code stacks for three projects
  • Four code stacks for four projects
  • There are five codes for five different projects.

FeedBear Lifetime Deal Pricing

FeedBear Lifetime Deal Pricing
FeedBear Lifetime Deal
FeedBear Lifetime Deal
$69 $2478
$69 $2478 View offer

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