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DocsCloud is a web-based software application that allows you to build online forms, fill out papers from templates, manage and digitally sign documents, host documents, and extract text from documents and pictures.

DocsCloud assists you in automating many parts of your daily documentation tasks. The platform enables you to build and embed online forms, produce completed documents by matching them to the forms or connecting them also with API/Plugins, create and manage digital signatures from start to finish, extract data from documents, and host them for simple access.

DocsCloud is a cloud-based service that digitizes documents from beginning to end at different phases of the business cycle. The most important benefit is that consumers have access to all of these features via a single platform. DocsCloud is a platform that combines a form builder, document production, document hosting, digital signature platform, and document OCR. If you want to learn further about DocsCloud, it has 5 modules and much more —

  1. DocSignature – The quickest method to have documents digitally signed. Create or upload documents, then have them digitally signed by a number of people (signees). Agreement development and administration may now be simplified for businesses of all sizes.
  2. Form Builder – Form Builder is a tool that allows you to build flexible forms quickly and easily. Embed them anywhere or send them straight to the user.
  3. DocTemplate – Use DocTemplate to master the art of document creation. It aims to simplify the process of generating business papers by preventing you from having to write time-consuming contracts, forms, and templates.
  4. DocPublisher – The most straightforward method to save your papers. Publish everything from product documentation to knowledge bases, help manuals, FAQs, and policies.
  5. DocExtractor — Set data extraction to run in the background. What if DocsCloud pulls data from your business papers and makes it accessible to you wherever you go?

In addition, DocsCloud provides —

Webhook Integration — Get informed immediately when a transaction in DocsCloud is finished. To exchange information, DocsCloud modules interact with Webhook. Integrate directly with platforms like Slack, Discord, and others.

DocsCloud native plugins are available in a number of popular automation systems. Zapier, Pabbly Connect, and Integrately may all be used to connect.

API Integration — To gather data, update your business application endpoint. Get the integration information for forms and templates with a single click. Use API integration to generate documents and get them as a response.

DocsCloud utilizes a renowned web security layer to protect against network threats. The HTTPS layer is used for platform communication. When your files are saved, they are encrypted.

What are the Advantages of DocsCloud?

  • Upload a CSV file to generate the papers in bulk.
  • Send your papers to one or more recipients for digital signatures/ Verify the signee’s identity before they sign the document.
  • Data extraction from documents in real time, without the need for additional commercial platforms.
  • Configurable settings for controlling the public visibility of DocsCloud documents.
  • On the same platform, all functionalities are accessible.
  • Stable API (integration) layer at a low cost

DocsCloud Lifetime Deal Pricing

DocsCloud Lifetime Deal Pricing
DocsCloud Lifetime Deal
DocsCloud Lifetime Deal
$49 $180
$49 $180 View offer

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