Dokan Marketplace and Dokan Mobile app Birthday discounts


Dokan is one of the leading WordPress plugins in terms of Marketplace. If you have a WordPress Marketplace project in mind, it might be worth taking advantage of this big discount!

Dokan Marketplace plugin up to 45% discount

dokan annual pricing discount

Especially for the Dokan Birthday 2021, they offer their subscription to Dokan WordPress plugin with up to 45% discount, only available on the first year. Both annual subscriptions and lifetime offers have the same discount so we recommend you to go for the lifetime pricing if you really need Dokan for a long term, to save a lot of money.

Dokan Mobile app up to 90% discount

Dokan provides also a Mobile app for your Marketplace, they take care of everything and for the Business offer, they create your mobile app, publish it on Android and iOs and update your mobile app constantly.

Dokan mobile app discount

Dokan Refund Policy

dokan refund policy

Even if you subscribe to the Dokan offer, you will still benefit from the Refund policy of Dokan. You will benefit 14 days after your purchase to ask for a refund. Notice that if you buy the product at discount, you will not be refunded.

If you are wondering what is the WordPress Dokan plugin and want to learn more in terms of features, you can read the Dokan review.

Dokan Marketplace and Dokan Mobile app Birthday discounts
Dokan Marketplace and Dokan Mobile app Birthday discounts

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